Non-NHS Services

Most services provided by the Practice are funded by the National Health Service (NHS) and are without direct charge to the patients.  This includes all routine health care (and referrals) and the completion of forms relating to Government benefits or requested by central Government agencies.

Services relating to patients’ dealings with commercial organisations and other third parties are not funded by the NHS and are subject to a fee.  Common Non-NHS services include:

  • Medical Examination for Third Parties – requires longer appointment outwith general surgery hours
  • Certificates to support a claim for sickness, accident, or holiday cancellation insurance benefit
  • Certificates to support a claim for benefit from Private Health Insurance Companies (such as BUPA & PPP)
  • Private Sick Line (“short certificate of incapacity” when DSS sick line not applicable because absence less than seven days)
  • Certificates of Fitness (to travel, or for employment, or to attend training courses, or for work or voluntary service abroad, etc)
  • Certificates and examinations for Sporting Organisations (Health Clubs, Governing bodies of sports such as scuba diving, motor racing etc)
  • Certificates and examination required for driving (such as HGV and PSV)
  • Letters (e.g. for schools, colleges, universities, employers, lawyers, courts, local authorities etc)

The charge for Non-NHS services reflects both the time involved and our liability for accuracy of the information we supply.  Those requiring Non-NHS services should enquire at reception regarding current fees to our patients.   (Leaflet available in waiting room).

In certain circumstances the employer or organisation requiring the examination or certificate may reimburse the cost to the patient.  A detailed receipt can be issued to assist with reclaiming expenses.

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